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everyone else is doing this so I guess I will too lol.


Name: Not Specifying 
Age: One Million
Gender: #WhatisGender?


Food: I just like good food :)
Drink: Water.. It’s good for you! 
Book: I will be despised if I tell you XD
Favorite Author: I don’t really have one :/
Song: Oh man, the list would go on forever! :’)
Movie: Oh for fuck sake! :P
TV Show: The Cosby Show and I Love Lucy! 
Band: Damn it! The Beatles, Queen, The Runaways and Nirvana
Solo Artist: OMFG
Place: Jupiter
School Subject: English :D
Sport: Swimming 
Male Actor: idk
Female Actor: idk


Best Friend: Name starts with an A
Significant Other: Mehh?
Siblings: N.A.
Dream Job: Why do I have to tell you?

Fears: Things
Political Ideology: I should fucking know what this means!
Religion: Ahhh God!
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Three on my left ear, two on my right! 
Languages: English & French


Reason Behind URL: It describes me.. 
Reason Behind Icon: ^^
 Describes me
# of Posts: 
How the fuck should I know!?
Why You Joined: “Hey man, tumblr is cool. You should join!” And look where it’s got me too! HAHA :P

First URL:
# of Blogs: Uhmm

Hoarded URLs: QUOI? Que’ce-que c’est? Je ne comprends pas. Expliquer si-vous-plait! :’D

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